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School Site Council

School Site Council Meeting: September 28, 2020

1) Call to Order
a) Introduction of team members
b) Review agenda
2) Approval of Minutes from May, 2020
3) Committee Reports
4) Unfinished Business:
5) New Business
a) SSC roles and responsibilities ppt
b) Vote on roles Secretary, Parliamentarian
c) Uniform complaint procedures
d) Review and approval of bylaws
e) Overview of Title 1 Program
f) Review Title 1 Parent Compact and solicit feedback/changes
g) Review Title 1 Parent Policy and solicit feedback/changes
h) Review and approve Title 1 Plan and budget for 2020-2021 school year and vote
6) Other:
a) Parent concerns, questions etc...
7) Adjournment

Legal Requirements
9-28-2020 SSC roles and responsibilities training
9-28-2020 Uniform Complaint Procedures (UCP)
9-28-2020 Review and approval of by-laws
9-28-2020 (Title 1 schools) Title 1 Plan
9-28-2020 (Title 1 schools) Parent/School Compact
9-28-2020 (Title 1 schools) Parent Involvement Policy