October Newsletter

It is hard to believe that we are already in the month of October! The school year has been off to a great start and our school is full of learning and joy.  Here is a some important information for the month:


Booster Drive:  Our Booster Drive is in full swing. We are asking each student to donate at least $10.  We use these monetary donations to fund field trips, special school events, assemblies, and technology support.  The class with 100% participation will have a pizza party. Thank you in advance for helping us reach for the stars!

Family Education:

Title 1 Information and CAASPP SCORE REPORTS

October 13th @ 6:30 PM we will be hosting our Title 1 Parent Intervention. If you have received notice that your child is receiving academic intervention, please plan to attend this meeting. A second meeting covering the same information will also be held the following morning, Friday, October 14th @ 8:30 AM.

At 7 PM we will be holding a parent information night on how to interpret CAASPP scores and how you can help your child at home to reinforce school instruction.  ALL PARENTS ARE INVITED TO ATTEND

October 19th at 8:00: We will be hosting our ELAC meeting for parents of students who are not native English Speakers. This meeting will be in the MPR @ 8:00 AM

Student Events:

October 14th: We will be selling donuts after school.  Please refer to our fliers on campus for further information.

October 19th: UNITY DAY.  In honor of Unity Day we ask students to wear orange and focus on coming together as one learning community.

October 20th:  Please stop by Chick-Fil-A for diner and let them know you are supporting Collegewood so that we can raise some money for our school!

October 21st @ 8:45 our 2nd grade students will be doing a performance in the MPR on life cycles.  Iā€™m really looking forward to seeing them in action! I know they have been working hard to put on a very special show.

Red Ribbon Week October 24th- October 28th

Monday 10/24: Stomp Out Drugs (Wear Red)

Tuesday 10/25: Sock it to Drugs (Wear Crazy Socks)

Wednesday 10/26:  Team  Up Against Drugs (Wear a Sports Shirt)

Thursday 10/27: Happy to be Drug Free (Dress like a minion, no masks)

Friday 10/28:  Turn Your Back on Drugs (Wear your shirt backwards)

Meet the Masters is a wonderful art program that highlights artists and provides opportunities for students to recreate famous pieces of art. We are very fortunate to have parent help with implementation led by Ms. Sandy Ibarra. Students in grades 3rd-5th will begin this program at the end of the month.  

Kindergarten testing window begins October 17th. Please refer to teacher communication for further information.

Halloween:  We will be having a Halloween Parade at 8:45 on Monday October 31st.  Students can wear their costume to school.  Students MAY NOT wear masks, carry toy weapons or paint their face as they need to be able to return to the educational setting as soon as the parade is over.

Your Room Parent may be in contact with you about details for class parties. We are limiting the amount of sugary food students are provided during this time. If you send food items, they MUST BE PURCHASED FROM THE STORE.. HOMEMADE TREATS WILL NOT BE DISTRIBUTED.

Please take great care if you choose to send in treats.  All treats will be monitored carefully to ensure students with allergies are not exposed to foods they cannot ingest. Foods containing peanuts or foods processed in peanut factories may be withheld if a student in the class has an airborne allergy to peanuts..  If your child has a peanut allergy, you may contact me directly via email so that we can have a firm plan in place for this day of celebration.


Traffic:  Please do not ask your child to walk in the street or violate safety procedures. We ask that they only cross in designated crosswalks. The parking curbs in front of the school on both sides of the street are not for parking. You may not leave your car unattended in these areas.

Student Safety:

Bathrooms: If you are on campus before, after, or during school you MAY NOT use student bathrooms at any time. You need to use the adult bathrooms in the main office.

Classroom Visits:  In an effort to keep our school safe, I am asking that classroom visits occur only with permission from the office and the classroom teacher. We have had parents volunteer for one teacher and then walk into the classroom of a different teacher. This is unsafe.  I also want to respect the instructional time teachers have with students and do not want them to be conferring with parents while students are present. While our students are here, they are our first and most important priority.  Thank you for your support in implementing this.

Thank you for making Collegewood such an amazing learning community! October is going to be a great month!