Welcome to Collegewood's Official Website

Dear Collegewood Families,
 Welcome to the 2019-2020 school year! Our school has been undergoing transformation while everyone was away making memories.  Thanks to our amazing community and the passing of Measure WV Collegewood will be getting 14 new classrooms. To prepare for this state of the art building, the primary playground was moved and fencing has been added to keep students safe during the construction. We are so grateful and excited to see this come to fruition!  

This year, Collegewood is excited to continue offering exemplary learning experiences through Robotics, Genius Hour, Music, Meet the Masters, and data-driven intervention.  Writer’s workshop continues to grow school and district-wide as we support students as they enhance their ability to think creatively and express their thoughts and ideas through writing. We have added performing arts to all students in grades 1-5 with programs that include band, choir, dance, and drama.  Our staff will continue to support the social-emotional development of our students by emphasizing a growth mindset and work with students on goal-setting throughout the year.  

Principal’s Council will continue to serve our student body.  Last year, this spectacular group of students led school tours to new students and created social stories to help students with diverse learning needs.  Some of the topics of the stories included working with others and how to understand and participate in school emergency drills. I am certain that the group of students leading the way this year will continue to make Collegewood a wonderful place for students to learn and grow.  

Our Community Club is a group comprised of amazing volunteers who come together to ensure that our kids have tremendous experiences.  This group of parent volunteers is led by Maggie Baca who has been working to connect with new and returning parents and share the many ways contributions are made to enrich our school community.  The Community Club is already busy planning family events and fundraisers that will help us provide materials for Project Lead the Way and contribute to the cost of field trips in addition to many other events.  I encourage all of you to contribute to this group as no effort is too small. 

It amazes me to think how far we have together as we begin our fourth year together.  I feel tremendous joy as I watch your children learn and grow. They bring life to our school and fill the halls with kindness and laughter.  I am humbled with gratitude for the opportunity to partner with you as we work together to ensure your child’s emotional, social, and academic success. It’s going to be a great year!
Mary Wendland, Ed.D